The History of Jeep Club Sri Lanka

The Beginning

Since the inception of the Jeep brand in the 40’s, the ‘Jeep lifestyle’ was always twinkling in the dark with a handful of lucky owners cruising through the jungles and beaches of our beautiful island paradise. DIMO officially started selling the Jeep brand in Sri Lanka in 2004 and had a grand re-launch along with the founding of the Jeep Club of Sri Lanka in 2015.

The Club was formed as a select group of Jeep enthusiasts met each other during their adventures around the country. The founding members all shared their common love for the Jeep brand and the lifestyle that it inspires. It wasn’t too long before they planed excursions together to concur various jungles and trails around the country in their seven Jeeps.

However it was time for the Jeep community in Sri Lanka to grow. In the early half of 2015, with the help of DIMO, the founding members officially formed a club called the Jeep Club of Sri Lanka (JCSL). Today JCSL is an independent non-profit organization focused to bringing together like-minded Jeep® owners in Sri Lanka. JCSL’s commitment is to explore the great outdoors, meet extraordinary people and appreciate the global symbol of ‘freedom, capability and versatility.’

*This is the officially approved Jeep Club operating in Sri Lanka as an extension of the Jeep Brand.

The Fun

Being a social family friendly club, most events are planned in a way that meets the needs of the entire family. Members usually attend events along with their spouses, kids and friends.

Most events and expeditions are catered to satisfy the most experienced off roaders whilst also allowing beginners to have a great time introducing themselves to the lifestyle. New Jeep owners are positioned with an experienced driver to learn from when on route. This ensures they have a wow experience and are left with the exhilarating feeling. Some events are catered especially for more extreme and experienced off roaders whilst others for beginners. The details including vehicle and driving experience requirements are shared along with event invites.

Biannual day events are also organized to allow the Jeep owners to come together and enjoy the camaraderie of the Jeep family. Beginners are also welcome to attend training days provided for the new Jeep owners to understand how the technology of their Jeep works before venturing out.

The Family

Our vision is to share the Jeep culture and live the Jeep lifestyle together with all our members and their families whilst continuously inspiring others to join and be apart of this incredible community.

The Jeep Club members have grown to become a very close, tightknit group bonded by our shared adventures. As our members often say we are truly one big family!